EHS Winter Safety Tips

Categories: General News

Tips for winter travel:

  • Keep at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times
  • Make certain your tires are properly inflated and have plenty of tread
  • Do not use cruise control when driving in inclement weather

Tips for using a space heater on campus:

In order to have a space heater in an area, you will need the following authorization:

  • Prior to bringing a space heater on campus, the EHS office must authorize the use of a space heater. Facilities Management must be contacted to evaluate the HVAC system and, if necessary, adjust the temperature in your workspace.
  • If the temperature cannot be adjusted to adequate levels (68–76° F) or you have a medical condition, please submit a Safety Service Form to the EHS office. Select “fire and life safety” as the requested service category, and “space heater” as the requested service.
  • The EHS office will evaluate space heater requests to determine if the work environment temperature can be adjusted to adequate levels, or if a space heater can be authorized for supplemental heat.

Tips for heating your home:

  • Never turn on the stove for heat
  • Make sure you use an electric space heater with automatic shut-off
  • Never burn paper in a fireplace
  • Never leave children unattended near a space heater
  • Never place a space heater on top of furniture or near water