Commute Smarter to Reduce Your Gas Budget

One topic on most people’s minds right now is the increasing price of gasoline. In one way or another, we’re all feeling the strain of those rising costs and are seeking relief. Whether you’re commuting around campus or traveling a short or long distance, we’ve compiled some common personal alternatives to using your gas-powered car to get around.

Use rideshare and public transportation

  • Take the light rail or Amtrak — Many locations throughout Charlotte, including campus, can be accessed by riding light rail. If you’re traveling further, consider riding the Amtrak trains.
  • Ride an e-scooter — E-scooters are a popular mode of transportation both in the city and on campus. E-scooters can be rented at various hubs on campus. Note: E-scooters rented on campus can’t be taken off campus, and must be returned to a campus hub.
  • Ride a public transit bus — Use Niner Transit on campus or a CATS bus off campus to get from point A to B.
  • Carpool — Locate others who are going to a similar location and ride together to split the cost of gas and reduce emissions. ShareTheRideNC is a great resource to find commute partners.

Note: Faculty and staff can purchase CATS all-access transit passes online, which includes access to light rail, buses and more.

Get active!

  • Go for a walk or run — Turn on a podcast, your favorite playlist or an audiobook; enjoy the sounds of your surroundings; or grab your friends or colleagues and go for a walk or run.
  • Ride a bicycle — Ride your personal bike, or use a bike rental service like the Gotcha bikes on campus, to commute through your day. Note: Gotcha bikes can be taken off campus, but must be returned to a campus hub.
  • BYO wheels — Show off your coordination by lacing up roller skates or hopping onto a skateboard (or longboard) to commute.

Longer-term investments

  • Go electric (or hybrid) — Invest in a hybrid or electric car to significantly reduce gas consumption.

Small changes will eventually add up. So incorporate physical activity into your commute, choose public transportation, or go electric and find some relief for your wallet (it will help the environment, too!)